32 Kids. 1 Week. A Lifetime of Memories.

If we take the time to invest in a child today, the payback in the future will be extraordinary for the community, the volunteers and the child.”
– Gary Howard

What is Miracles On Ice®?

In 2001, Gary and Leslie Howard started a family foundation to help young adults of financial need and exceptional ability obtain an education by funding college scholarships to Colorado State University and The University of Denver.

In addition to funding numerous college scholarships, the Howards have combined their passion for education and athletics, specifically hockey, to establish the Miracles On Ice Hockey Camp®. The camp is produced in partnership with the DU Bridge Project and the University of Denver Division of Athletics and Recreation along with other participating sponsors.

The Miracles on Ice Hockey Camp® is a one week summer camp for 9-11 year-old inner city boys and girls aimed at teaching basic hockey skills while providing classroom sessions in Math and Reading. The children are supplied with equipment, transportation, and meals for the duration of the camp.

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